Latest Websites news. & Personalization Gallery become mobile friendly

In its latest attempts to get smartphone users to visit Windows related sites using their mobile devices, Microsoft has revamped its site and ‘Personalization Gallery’. Earlier, visiting these sites via phone devices was not very convenient as the text […]

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Opt Out Of PRISM website launched; recommends alternative software & services

PRISM is a $20 million data collection program, where many US-based Internet companies like Google Facebook, Yahoo, PalTalk and other bigwigs like Apple and Microsoft have leaked their users information to the National Security Agency & FBI organization of the US […], a new website from Microsoft, showcases Touch & HTML5

Microsoft has launched a new website to showcase HTML5 & Touch. The site lets users use intuitive touch gestures to mix audio files to create an original sound track. The site features a sound track from Blake Lewis and […]

5 websites captured 20% of Search Results Clicks

In a study released recently, it was found that just 5 sites captured 20% of all search activity in Q4 2012. The top 500 websites captured nearly 50%, whereas the top 1,000 websites captured nearly 75% of Search Results Clicks. […]

Anonymous India brings down IIPM websites

Hackers group, Anonymous India hacked IIPM (The Indian Institute of Planning and Management) websites yesterday on Saturday February 17, 2013. The Indian Department of Telecom (DoT) has issued an order for ISPs to block about 78 URLs. and […]

Former Microsoft executives launch online sex products portal

Some shops look like any other ordinary stores, except that the products they are licensed to sell are mainly meant for adults who look to spice up their lives. Buying such products from direct stores may embarrass some – hence the rise of […]

Iran Launches Own Video Sharing Site –

Iran has launched its own video sharing website naming it as which is a Persian word meaning Affection. Mehr is Iranian version of YouTube intended for promoting Iranian culture and is specially designed to share government approved content. Iran has wider […]

RapidShare announces new hosting model

RapidShare has announced that with effect from 27th November 2012, it will move to a classic hosting model, that will see not only the storage space but also the traffic created being paid solely by the owner of the file. […]

image not found – News reimagined by Internet Explorer 10

Not long ago, a news reading application was released for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It was named as Pulse. The award-winning application redefined the way people read news by introducing a brand new and immersive interface. The interface provided a beautiful […]

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Internet Explorer: The Browser You Loved To Hate

Microsoft has launched a new website The Browser You Loved To Hate. Note the past tense ‘loved’ – the presumption being, you no longer hate it now. You may have hated it earlier but if you have used Internet Explorer […]

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Internet Explorer Gallery gets a face-lift

You may be familiar with the Pin feature on Internet Explorer, which allows you to pin sites to your taskbar. Since this is a very useful and liked feature on Internet Explorer, developers are now pushing more amazing add-ons on the Internet […]

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Google to shutdown popular Piknik and 5 other services

Google has officially announced that its very popular online image editing service Picnik is being shut down with effect from 19th April, 2012. Along with Piknik, it will also be closing several other services and products like GMC, Social Graph API, Needlebase, […]

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Microsoft unfurls the Art of Touch website

Microsoft today unfurled an infinite canvas across the Internet today, inviting artists of all ages to become digital da Vincis. Inspired by the new Touch Mouse technology, Microsoft has launched the Art of Mouse website. The Art of Touch project offers […]

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Microsoft Business Hub, a new website for SMEs launched

Microsoft has launched an entirely new website for the Small and Medium Enterprise. Currently in Beta stage, Microsoft Business Hub is expected to go out of beta and expected to be launched officially soon. The website has a very clean Metro-ish UI […]

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Microsoft launches

Microsoft has launched a new website called This website has been launched with the purpose of reporting developments and happenings of its new developers conference named BUILD.

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Microsoft Canada launches a PC vs Mac Do-the-math website

Last August, Microsoft USA had launched a PC vs Mac website, which compared the Windows 7 operating system with the Mac OS X. Now Microsoft Canada has launched a new PC vs Mac “Do-the-math” website.

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Microsoft to retire Windows ClubHouse; launches Extreme Windows Blog

Microsoft has made a decision to retire the Windows Clubhouse in Spring 2011. As Clubhouse was a launch effort around Windows 7, the Windows management team feels that this platform has been a great success and huge factor around Windows […]

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Microsoft Showcase website goes Mobile

Microsoft has recently launched the US mobile Microsoft Showcase site. The website has now gone mobile! If you’re in US, you can also text the keyword VIDEO to 47201. Standard texting rates may apply.

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Computer Weekly’s IT Blog Awards 2010

Computer Weekly’s search for the best blogs in IT is back for its third year, and the 2010 competition, brought to you in association with IBM.

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PC v/s Mac website launched By Microsoft

Apple and Microsoft the 2 biggies in the Software industry and well known arch rivals are always up to something to show  how and why they are best in the business. Earlier you had the ‘I’m a Mac – I’m […]