Dutch Developer built backdoor entry into the websites he built, stole 20000 passwords

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  1. It would be nice for people to see a list of every website he has worked on and if the site has been re-created by someone else. I am very careful which sites I use and nearly all the sites I use, are well established, but you never know who could have worked on them, like this developer. Seeing a list of sites they have worked on, could put lots of peoples minds at rest. This is one person creating backdoors into either websites or apps and I really hope these people are fully dealt with by the law and it will hopefully teach them a lesson and others might also realise just what happens when they get caught. A slap on the wrist is no longer any good and more severe action needs taking. These people should then be banned from every working with websites again.

  2. Malwarebytes likes to block everything these days. It removed some of my programs so I moved to Emsisoft.

  3. Just my thinking – Since, this developer is still being investigated putting out a list could start having cyber criminals to start using them. When the investigation is done then the list should be published. Not only should this developer not be allowed to every use a computer again he deserves jail time. 20,000 passwords and emails is a lot. It is highly possible he phished some of them and got passwords to financial or sensitive accounts. There are too many people who use their computers and don’t have a clue what to really do. This is why Phishing is still being used.

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