Microsoft Tech Community for IT Pro’s launched

Amid all speculations and rumors, Microsoft has come up with its latest iteration of community resource – Microsoft Tech Community. Yes, the most recent version from Microsoft is now live.


Microsoft Tech Community for IT Pros

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the Microsoft Tech Community, bringing multiple communities together in one central location to support discussions and best practice sharing across a variety of Microsoft products and services.  The Microsoft Tech Community is an evolution of the Office 365 Network, growing to support new Azure; Windows Server, and SQL Server Communities and in future many more communities”, mentions the Microsoft blog.

It’s two newly visible features include, New Navigation Menu and Microsoft Ignite Community Page. The new navigation menu makes it easier for you to navigate from space to space.

Spaces is the common term used for discussions, blogs or idea exchanges. Microsoft Ignite Community page can be accessed via new navigation menu under ‘Events’.

The primary objective behind rolling out this service is to get multiple IT communities together in one central location to support discussions and encourage conversations.

Individuals can use their Microsoft account to join the community and like many other communities that already exist within it to complete their online profile. The foundation of the community rests on the principle of consolidation.

The Microsoft Tech Community is consolidating several communities to focus on Windows Server, Office 365, Azure and SQL Server to help IT professionals succeed with Microsoft products and technologies.

Go check it out here.

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