Microsoft announces changes to Windows & Office Servicing & Support

The rapid uptake of Windows 10 has meant that Microsoft had to adapt. Last year they released Microsoft 365, a solution that integrated Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Microsoft is now looking to the future of its software. Within the next two years Microsoft expects to end support for Windows 7 and Office 2010, this huge shift means that Microsoft needs a solution and they believe that they have found one.

Microsoft announces changes to Windows & Office Servicing & Support

Changes to Windows & Office Servicing & Support

With the uptake of Windows as a Service, many large firms are asking Microsoft to extend its original offering of 18 months of support. These firms, some of the world’s largest, have caused the Redmond giant to offer an extension of 6 months to this offering allowing customers an enhanced service offering that will help them to manage their needs.

Office 365 Pro Plus is another piece of Microsoft’s puzzle that it has had to adapt. The cloud-connected service ensures that the software is always up to date and that customers get the most secure service available. Microsoft also realized that not all customers are ready or willing to switch to cloud computing and with this, in mind, they also noted a new version of Office would soon be available. Office 2019 promises to improve the current offering and allow non-cloud computing companies to keep up.

Microsoft has had a hit with Windows 10, and many companies are now making the jump to it. After several poor years, Microsoft seems to have once again found their stride and their strong long-term base of enterprise customers is once again helping to push the business forward. They still have a long way to go with home users, but the company will be buoyed by the results that have come from Windows 10 expect the good news to continue as they continue to build with the enterprise in mind.

For more details, please check this reference on Microsoft’s website here.

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