Cortana List Skill update will help you plan your To-Do lists easily

Cortana, Microsoft’s popular artificial intelligence machine, is getting a major update this holiday season. The new ‘List Skill‘ feature on Cortana has been developed to help keep track of your various to-do lists for chores around the festivities coming up.

Cortana List Skill

Cortana List Skill feature

With this new list skill, Cortana is now capable of helping you manage your lists and keeping track of the things you need to do so you don’t have to. You can now use your voice commands to activate this new feature. It helps you create a new list, add updates to an existing list when needed, and pull out your lists just when you need them on any connected device.

As grocery demands the highest amount of to-do lists to be made, Cortana will by default start a Grocery, To Do and Shopping list so that it is faster to get started. The new feature works on your Windows 10 PC, as well as Cortana for iOS 8.0 or later and the Cortana app for Android 4.4 and later.

“Check it out for yourself by saying “Hey Cortana, create a Holiday list”. The list skill is just one of the ways that Cortana remembers, so you don’t have to. We’re always adding new Cortana skills so keep checking back at the Windows Blog for the latest.” said Laura Jones, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cortana.

Cortana will also tie up with Wunderlist, the company’s note-making app, to give users a convenient of syncing notes and lists. Connect Cortana to your Wunderlist account or set up a new account, and you will have full access to both the services if you’re a current Wunderlist user.  Connecting to Wunderlist gives you the ability to add due dates to your To Dos and create shared lists from the Wunderlist app.

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