Latest Cortana news.

Support for Cortana app on Android and iOS to end soon

The software giant – Microsoft has confirmed the news of phasing out its virtual assistant service, Cortana from Android and iOS platforms. The company also mentioned that an updated version of Microsoft Launcher without Cortana will be launched, soon. So, […]

Cortana is now getting a major UI update globally

Microsoft has been long silent about the consumer-focused major features for Cortana that would give her an edge over the competition. But this does not mean that Cortana is no longer in development internally at Microsoft. Windows Insiders have been […]

Cortana and Alexa integration is now live in the United States

Microsoft and Amazon in a partnership announced in last fall that they will be integrating Cortana and Alexa. This integration would range from PCs, Smart Speakers, IoT and more. The main motto of this integration was the fact that it […]

Cortana Search is returning Nil results for many in Windows 10

Windows Firewall is reportedly blocking Cortana Search in Windows 10. Many users have recently reported this issue on Reddit so if your Windows 10 PC is showing black search results, you are not the only one. The issue initially looked […]

Cortana on IoT devices

Cortana on IoT devices with screens to appear in 2017

How about a talking fridge that tells you about the stock going low or what you have stored in the fridge? Well, this will be possible in the near future as Microsoft’s very own personal assistant, Cortana, is all set […]

Cortana is coming to Businesses with intelligent Bots and Natural Learning

Microsoft announced that they are encouraging efforts to help democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI) by focusing on conversational computing, which combines the power of natural language with advanced machine intelligence to help people engage with technology in more natural and personal […]

Cortana List Skill update will help you plan your To-Do lists easily

Cortana, Microsoft’s popular artificial intelligence machine, is getting a major update this holiday season. The new ‘List Skill‘ feature on Cortana has been developed to help keep track of your various to-do lists for chores around the festivities coming up. […]

Microsoft and Liebherr

Microsoft and Liebherr together to make Refrigerators smart

It seems Microsoft Cortana is going to learn more about humans and their needs; as Microsoft and Liebherr are together going to embed Cortana into refrigerators. Sounds impossible? Well, not anymore. As part of the digital initiative by Liebherr’s household […]

Cortana and more for XBox One

Microsoft Cortana, Background Music features arrive on Xbox One

Microsoft Corporation has started rolling out the company’s most recent system update for Xbox One starting July 30. As part of the update, Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant Cortana is now available on Xbox One in addition to Background Music feature […]

Microsoft blocks other browsers from using Cortana

Microsoft has invested a lot of effort in making Windows 10 well-endowed when it comes to search capabilities. The search in Windows 10 is beyond the regular search and is more of an intuitive and helpful feature. I have been […]

Instant Translation in Cortana now supports 4 more languages

Microsoft announced that its digital voice assistant Cortana will support instant translations for its French, German, Italian, and Spanish versions of Windows 10. What does it mean? When a user is running Windows 10 in the above mentioned languages and […]

India to get updated Cortana, this summer

India will be getting an updated version of Cortana this summer, says Microsoft. During a session at Annual Conference Build 2016 in San Francisco, Cortana’s Group Programme Manager Marcus Ash announced that India will be among 13 nations to get […]

Cortana updated to help better manage your Calendar

Many of the built-in features in Cortana application are designed to help its users get things done effortlessly. Different tasks ranging from tracking flights/packages to setting a location-based reminder can be easily accomplished via a simple tap on Cortana. However, […]

Cortana released to Android and iOS devices.

Cortana now available for Android and iOS

Microsoft has announced that its popular personal assistant service – Cortana is now available for download for Android and iOS. Cortana made its first debut on Windows Phone 8.1 which was later rolled out to Windows 10 PC and Mobile […]

Microsoft’s Cortana gets smarter with Power BI integration

Microsoft has been striving hard to push Windows 10 as the comprehensive solution for computing needs, the results till now has also been overwhelming. One of the essential feature of the Windows 10 has been Cortana, and Microsoft is adding […]

Cortana for iOS first Public Beta Release announced for US and China

Microsoft has been pitching the Cortana rather aggressively, they first introduced it in the Android and now they want people to test out the same on iOS. The digital assistant marks its presence on almost all platforms including Windows 10, […]

Cortana for Windows 10 will be available in India from November 10th

Cortana has been one of the main highlights for Windows 10 and Microsoft delighted us by natively incorporating Cortana in Windows 10. However, Cortana was available in select regions, which means some of the countries including India couldn’t use the […]

Microsoft has integrated Cortana with LinkedIn

Microsoft is pushing Cortana into every relevant direction lately. The latest is integrating the digital assistant with LinkedIn, something that could boost the productivity of those in business. LinkedIn is arguably the largest social network for the business minded, which […]

Cortana will now display Shopping Coupons in Microsoft Edge

Cortana and Edge are few of the many additions brought to Windows 10. To enhance their experience, Microsoft is moving quickly to pack more features in it. As such, the company, today announced the release of a pilot feature to […]

Microsoft wants to put Cortana in your car

Enjoying the tight integration of Cortana in your Windows Phone and Windows 10 device? Then you might just enjoy having her around in your little red car as you travel to grandma’s house in the woods. Just back in 2014, […]

Cyanogen CEO wants Cortana: Says Windows on mobile is dead

The CEO of Cyanogen is aiming to integrate Cortana into the popular fork operating system of Android. He claims that Cortana is an app that is in dire need of a home, and Cyanogen could be that place of Zen. […]


Cortana is now available in Australia, Canada, Japan, India

Microsoft announced yesterday the arrival of Cortana in Australia, Canada, Japan and India. Windows Insiders of these countries who are on the Windows 10 Insider Preview builds 10532 and higher versions will get services from Microsoft’s digital voice assistant. It is […]

Cortana for Android now available as Public Beta

Cortana for Android has now made available as Public beta. Early access to the Cortana the digital assistant for PC was made available in July for limited number of people for using Cortana on Android in a closed beta. And […]

Cortana for Android can now replace Google Now as default

Back in July of this year, Microsoft released a private beta version of the Cortana app for Android devices and the millions of users. As expected, it made headlines everywhere, but despite that, it didn’t possess the goods to replace […]