Latest Cortana news.

Cortana for Xbox One – Coming soon!

After getting a dedicated keyboard button in Toshiba laptops, Cortana, your digital virtual assistant is now coming to your favourite gaming console Xbox One. With a sole aim to make Cortana even more powerful and widely used digital assistant Microsoft […]


Cortana gets dedicated Keyboard Button in Toshiba Windows 10 laptops

Toshiba laptop users can now have their virtual personal assistant Cortana right on their devices. Windows 10 laptops from Toshiba will now come with a dedicated Cortana keyboard button. Toshiba will also be adding better microphones to the laptops to […]

OneDrive app brings photos to Android Wear…and more!

The OneDrive app for Android and Windows Phone received ant updated with some very interesting features. The OneDrive team introduced a feature for Android Wear and Cortana search integration for Windows Phone app. Let us check some details on it. […]

Cortana in Windows 10 can book Uber cab, text using Viber and more

In the BUILD 2015 event, Microsoft announced that Universal Windows apps could integrate with Cortana – the personal digital assistant. The integration with Cortana brings new and rich experience to its customers to do more with voice. Viber, Uber, and […]

Cortana now provides weekend movie recommendations

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant – Cortana which is available on Windows Phone and the latest Windows 10 TP, now received an update which brings a new capability that enables ‘her’ to provide weekend movie recommendations. Movie recommendations by Cortana Cortana […]


Microsoft Cortana may come to Android and Apple devices

This may be a great news for the Android and Apple device users. Microsoft Cortana, after serving as the “personal assistant” to Windows Phones, may be coming to the Android and Apple devices. Microsoft revealed that they are working on […]

Bing and Cortana Bring you Live Updates From Cricket World Cup 2015

As the cricket world cup was nearing, Bing team in Hyderabad (India) had been working to bring you live updates from all the matches. The updates will not only include scores but time-table of matches and progress of your favorite […]

Cortana Predicts Results Of Premier League Matches

While Microsoft’s search engine Bing is predicting the results of 57th Grammy Awards, company’s digital assistant Cortana is foretelling the result of Premier League Matches. As posted by Katie Stainer on Microsoft’s news blog, Cortana, the virtual assistant of Microsoft can […]


Jen Taylor, Halo Cortana’s voice actress to voice Microsoft Cortana

Now fans of Halo series will be able to hear Cortana’s voice on their Windows mobile devices. Cortana is the new voice-assistant feature brought by Microsoft on Windows Mobile that is based on the fictional artificially intelligent (AI) character with […]