Cortana’s new Suggested Reminder feature will remind you of stuff you dont remember

Cortana has been getting better with every update, and Microsoft has been positioning the digital assistant as one of its quintessential offerings. Cortana is now across all the popular platforms and is no more restricted to the Windows ecosystem. Cortana has been a handy tool when it comes to reminding users of things to do and starting now Cortana will do so without even the users asking for it.

Cortana Suggested Reminder feature
Cortana Suggested Reminder feature

Most of us have been in a tricky situation wherein we have committed to do certain tasks, but due to over sightedness we miss on those. In due course of time, the to-do list bulges and will soon become a never ending list. Well fret not, Cortana has your back, and the digital assistant will use machine learning technology to automatically recognize when you make a commitment on the email and will proactively follow up to remind you at the right time.

The best part is that as users you don’t need to do much and Cortana manages the task in the background. Cortana will recognize the words you have used in the email, and if you have mentioned the deadline, Cortana will ping you before its due and also save it in the action center. From now onwards, no need to copy Cortana in the emails and she will still adapt to you.

Cortana’s suggested reminder is already available on Windows 10 in the US and will soon be coming to iOS and Android, probably in the upcoming week. The feature will currently support and Office 365 Work and School email addresses with upcoming support for other email services.

Want to check out the feature? Well, you can do so by emailing yourself a commitment that says “I will send you the report by Friday” and check out if a reminder is set from Cortana.

Apart from the aforementioned improvements those participating in the Windows Insider program will notice some improvements and will be able to link to the email from which the reminder is coming.

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