Microsoft blocks other browsers from using Cortana

Microsoft has invested a lot of effort in making Windows 10 well-endowed when it comes to search capabilities. The search in Windows 10 is beyond the regular search and is more of an intuitive and helpful feature. I have been using Windows 10 since its early builds and I have never faced any problem searching for content, furthermore the way content is segregated makes it still more easier to find our stuff. As part of its latest initiative Microsoft has blocked other browsers from accessing Cortana in order to achieve a better and more personalized search experience.


Till yesterday you could make Cortana use any search engine. Firefox even let you use any search engine with Cortana easily. But things are about to change now.

Microsoft blocks 3rd party search engines from using Cortana

Cortana has been deeply integrated with Bing search and this is one of the way how the personal assistant takes care of our chores. Now this very feature will help you save time and also increase the productivity.

For instance, if your stomach is rumbling, all you need to do is type in “Pizza Hut” in the Cortana and once inside the Pizza Hut website the Cortana will show you the closest location. The use case can be extended to many scenarios, in case your Bluetooth is not working fine just say “Bluetooth not working” and you will be treated to a high quality video helping you troubleshoot the problem.

The new personalized touch also means that users will be treated with coupons and deals as they shop, thus ending up saving money. These are just a couple of scenarios and the Personalized search is expected to work on several others. If you want to watch Rihanna’s show just say “get tickets to Rihanna show” and Microsoft Edge will open the Bing search with results of the best ticket with regards to your preferences.

Microsoft has noticed that, as Windows 10 grew in adoption and usage, some software have been misusing the design of Windows 10, thus eventually redirecting Search to third-party providers who are not optimized to work with Cortana. To avoid such follies Microsoft has decided to integrate Cortana with Bing and Microsoft Edge only, so that they can reduce the dependency on third-party service providers.

In effect, Microsoft has blocked 3rd-party search engines on Windows 10!

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