Cortana now provides weekend movie recommendations

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant – Cortana which is available on Windows Phone and the latest Windows 10 TP, now received an update which brings a new capability that enables ‘her’ to provide weekend movie recommendations.

Movie recommendations by Cortana


Cortana has been designed or programmed in such a way that it keeps learning continuously, learns new things about the user and also suggests new activities depending on one’s interest. On October 2015, Microsoft announced that Cortana would keep an eye on certain user preferences like favorite artists, based on that it reminds in advance if that particular artist is visiting your town.

Cortana’s intelligence has been further advanced by adding a functionality where it understands the movies which you like by observing your search behaviour.  Don’t be surprised if Cortana presents you with a personalized list of movies, movie show timings, available theatres etc  between Thursday and Sunday.

Microsoft engineers’ prediction algorithm has mostly gone right with Cortana correctly predicting 20 out of 24 winners at the Oscars this year. One could also browse through the list of recommended movies which are playing at nearest location, watch movie trailers, easily research details about the movie and also can buy a movie ticket with just a click of a button. This comes without saying, the more you engage with Cortana’s recommendations, the better would be movie suggestions.

To enable Cortana movie recommendations, one can go to Cortana’s Notebook and turn on the ‘showtimes+trailers’ interest.

The movie suggestions feature is currently available in the US only.

Source: Bing Blogs.

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