Cortana will now display Shopping Coupons in Microsoft Edge

Cortana and Edge are few of the many additions brought to Windows 10. To enhance their experience, Microsoft is moving quickly to pack more features in it. As such, the company, today announced the release of a pilot feature to make Cortana automatically show coupons when people visit retailers online in Edge.

Cortana to display coupons in Edge

cortana coupons

This initial release includes coupons for retailers like Staples, Macy’s and Best Buy,” the Windows team wrote in a blog post.

“Today, we released a pilot feature which aspires to help you save time and money when shopping online using Microsoft Edge. This new feature leverages Cortana’s functionality to notify you of the best coupons Cortana can find for a retailer without you ever needing to leave the retailer’s site. We will be increasing availability and the number of retailers we support in the months ahead through our partnership with Shopular, a leading coupon provider.”

Cortana can do several other things in Edge and beginning today, the personal assistant will detect when a website will have available coupons and offers and suggest deals. Disappointingly, the feature only works when using Microsoft’s new Edge browser since, Cortana is deeply integrated with the browser to provide suggestions during web browsing.

Microsoft is not stopping there, however. The company states that in the coming months, the functionality will be expanded through a partnership with coupon provider Shopular. But although Microsoft is working with third parties, the feature does not take you away from the retailer’s website: an in-browser bar pops up over the retailer’s website providing the coupon code.

The functionality doesn’t end here but will be extended for other services like whenever a user visits a restaurant website, Cortana will automatically reveal all the relevant information like the map directions, display timings “(opening hours) and even offer to make a reservation. Besides, it will also track packages and offer map locations. Other information can be furnished by simply highlighting words and selecting Ask Cortana in the right-click menu.

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