Cortana for Windows 10 will be available in India from November 10th

Cortana has been one of the main highlights for Windows 10 and Microsoft delighted us by natively incorporating Cortana in Windows 10. However, Cortana was available in select regions, which means some of the countries including India couldn’t use the Cortana. That being said we had uncovered many workarounds to get Cortana set up on our system which also included changing language settings to English on legacy build.


We were aware of the fact that Microsoft has been working from long to bring the Cortana support across all the regions and India was the part of their endeavor.

Recently a Microsoft Engineer had revealed that Cortana will be made available in India post the November update which will be released November 10. Cortana had been rolled out for Windows Insiders Preview Build and the Indian version has also got treated with a couple of updates.

The fall update is expected to bring a whole new set of features to the Windows and will also act as a cumulative patch for other issues. The update is also expected to induce a new level of stability and the Redmond folks will be adding some features to the Edge Browser.

Cortana is one of the best implemented Artificial Intelligence assistant we have come across and it lets you do many things like writing an Email, checking weather and performing calculations and conversions. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we are very sure that Microsoft will add more functionalities to Cortana thus making it more capable.

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