Facebook chose to partner with Bing to bring Web Results in Graph Search

While launching the Graph Search tool in a press event yesterday, Facebook came up with a “one more thing” trick and announced its partnership with Bing, the Microsoft search engine. facebook and bing

Announcing this partnership Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that they want to provide a wider web search to users and thus Graph Search will also incorporate the results from the wider web via Bing.

Asked why he opted Bing and not Google, Zuckerberg told the crowd, “The main thing is that when people share something on Facebook, we want to give them the ability to broadcast things, but also retract them later, and have them be removed immediately. Microsoft was more willing to do things specific to Facebook”.

Talking about the partnership with Bing, Zuck said, “”We don’t think a lot of people will come to Facebook to do web searches, but if we can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s good to have this.”

Well actually, Facebook has to take this step as people wouldn’t flock with their latest Graph Search tool if its search capabilities are limited just to the places and people in their friends list.

bing with graph search

According to the CEO, Facebook has teamed up with Bing to bring world class search results for users for things that don’t match their queries.

Now when you do a web search on Facebook, the new search results page features a two-column layout with Bing-powered web results appearing on the left-hand side overlaid with social information from Facebook including how many people like a given result. On the right hand side, you will see content from Facebook Pages and apps that are related to your search, said Bing.

The Bing search results will come up in traditionally formatted prominent blue web link standing out from the rest of Graph Search results.

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