Facebook, deletes some pages; 2.5 million users threaten to quit!

Facebook has deleted several pages! This unilateral move on the part of Facebook has angered the Muslim users of Facebook.

The following pages which have been deleted had many fans and as a result of certain comments have hinted that over 2.5 million users will leave Facebook.

  • Facebook.com/Rassoul.Allaah – About 1,600,000 Likes
  • Facebook.com/Logo.Ramadan – About 600,000 Likes
  • Facebook.com/Love.Mohammed- About 200,000 Likes
  • Facebook.com/Quran.Lovers – About 70,000 Likes

Now, if you go to any of these pages, you will be redirected to Facebook’s homepage.

If Facebook doesn’t agree with their demand of re-activating the deleted Facebook pages, by 21st July, they have threatened to leave Facebook and join Madina.com, a social networking site, reports FoxNews.

Facebook representatives were not immediately available to comment on the demands, and many are waiting for some sort of an official explanation.

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Roger Dunning is a technology evangelist. He lives in New York with his wife and pet dog. You can find him 24×7 on the Internet.


  1. JohnCaboose

    Very unprofessionaly written, lots of exclamation marks and clear bias.

  2. JCF

    puff! delete all those pages, i bet they are not even professional.

  3. KingeofetheeMinde-4e2e3e4e

    They are only looking for more enemies!
    Injustice, brings grief
    And grief, hatred
    And hate, anger
    And anger, wisdom will grab
    Like all human injustice Tired
    I just …
    I closed my eyes
    Forward to the day that peace, to calling me!!!
    so sorry for my Grammar!