Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn hacked, over 2 million accounts compromised

Security breach has become a common thing to hear these days, but according to a new report, your leap of faith will be tested yet again. Usernames and passwords of about two million accounts have been compromised. These hacked accounts belong to Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and about 93,000 more websites.


2 Million Accounts Compromised

In one of the biggest security breach of recent times, the exploit in action is a keylogger. For those of you who are not sure what that is, a Keylogger is an application which records everything you type. Modern keyloggers even take snapshots, and track your mouse movements. Everything you do on your computer, is recorded and sent to the criminals.

According to the report, over 318,000 Facebook, 70,000 Google, 22,000 Twitter, 60,000 Yahoo and 8000 LinkedIn accounts were hacked. We have learnt that most of the said services have informed the victims and instructed them on how to reset their passwords.

How this virus spread in so many computers is yet to be determined, but it has been learnt that the virus is still out there, as not all the source servers have been tracked down yet.

John Miller, a security research manager at Trustwave, the security company which reported the story, warns the users that simply checking for new and odd folders in the program files won’t be enough to get hold of this virus. The best course of action would be to update the Anti-Virus, operating system, installed software and all the plug-ins that you have installed on your browser.

We will update you as and when there will be more development on this story.

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  1. This news does not make me feel comfortable at all

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