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Twitter relaxes 140-character limit, to only include text

Twitter, on Monday, announced that the social networking website would be relaxing the rules on their trademark 140-character limit. Tweets will hold steady that limit but things like GIFs, images, videos, polls and quote tweets won’t be added to the […]

Twitter to overhaul 140-characters tweet limit rules

Twitter has been continuously evolving since it started from a simple 140-characters text to rich content which includes photos, videos, hashtags, vines in the tweet. That means one can do a lot in a tweet but when a user adds […]

Twitter adds Message button to share tweet via Direct Message

Twitter has added a new Message button which will let you share a tweet via Direct Message. So with this new feature, it’ll be simpler to share a tweet privately and start a private conversation. New Twitter Message Button People use Direct […]

Twitter adds new feature: Hover over handle name for profile view

Twitter, the micro blogging site had added “inline animated GIF support” last month and now has come up with a new feature – you can simply hover over a handle name to view the profile related to that handle. Earlier, […]

New Twitter app for Windows 10 released

Windows 10 has officially hit the store shelves, and already some developers are improving their apps beforehand. One such app that has gotten an improvement is Twitter. The main improvement to the app seems lie with its looks rather than […]

Twitter 140 character limit for Direct Messages removed

The limit to fit your message into 140 characters will be removed by Twitter in the near future. Users could leave direct messages as long as they feel. Yes, Twitter, the micro-blogging platform will remove its 140 character limit on […]


Non-US Twitter accounts will be moved to Ireland

Twitter has its revised and updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The revised privacy policy will be effective from May 18th, 2015. As per the new changes,  the accounts of Twitter users living in the United States will be […]

Twitter’s new home page lets you explore without signing-in

Twitter is rolling out a new home page where you’ll find various interesting topics to explore. And this can be done by just going to and without logging-in. Twitter users across the world come to Twitter to see what’s […]


Is Google buying Twitter, the same as Microsoft buying Yahoo?

Rumors of the search engine giant Google, buying-out micro blogging website, Twitter resurface time and again. Apparently the unexpected rise by 4% of Twitter stock price was triggered by one such new rumor. Further, there were claims by media reports […]

Twitter now lets you Retweet with comments

Twitter is adding a new feature today, that will provide users with a way to add his comments to a tweet. This will make it easier for users to add their opinion or reply along with the tweet. Earlier retweeting along with your comment was […]

Twitter to launch Periscope, a live video streaming app

Periscope is an app that lets you live stream just about anything. In addition, you can add text messages or emoticons to the video being streamed. All you have to do is to press a button to inform your friends […]


Group Direct Message and Mobile Video Camera come to Twitter

Twitter had announced last year that it was developing some advanced feature applications.  Following the same, Twitter recently rolled out two of such apps. The first of them is ‘Group Direct Message’ while the other one is ‘Mobile Video Camera’. The […]

Twitter acquires Indian newbie ZipDial

Twitter recently made the official announcement of it acquiring a startup company from India, called as ‘ZipDial’. ZipDial is a product company based in the city of Bangalore in India. With this acquisition, Twitter is hopeful that it will become […]

Digits login

Twitter launches Digits login for web

Twitter has launched its first ever developer kit that lets the mobile app developers to embed Digits login for the app’s website. This way, Digits login platform is used for website’s login, instead of the conventional password process. Twitter mentions […]

Twitter Rolls Out New Feature “While You Were Away”

Twitter is rolling its new feature ‘While you were away’. As the name suggests, this feature shows you a recap of all the tweets posted while you were not on Twitter. The recap of important tweets will be displayed with […]

Twitter’s new powerful search lets you search for all tweets

Taking microblogging to next level, Twitter has launched its new and powerful search index today. Twitter has been around since 2006 and has gained a continuous popularity ever since its inception. The lately released search engine of Twitter allows user […]

Explore Tweets on Bing Search Results

Enhancing their long-standing partnership, Bing has added a new feature to its search engine by displaying relevant tweets directly in the main search results. Users can now have a real-time access to what people are tweeting and if it is […]

Twitter Small Business Guide released

The Twitter community is expanding by thousands, if not millions with each passing day. The micro-blogging platform that allows you to express your opinion in 140 character long tweets has become an indispensable tool for communication, today. The website is […]

Syrian Electronic Army hacks Microsoft MSFTNews Twitter account

Just a few hours ago, we saw Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account being hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army, and now Microsoft’s News Twitter account, @MSFTnews has gone down the same path. Microsoft hasn’t yet acknowledged either of the hack attacks, […]

Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account hacked

Just a few hours ago, I wrote about LinkedIn’s security breach, now we have another one going down the same road. Microsoft’s Xbox Support Twitter account has reportedly been hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army. Although Microsoft has, what it seems gained […]

Windows Phone Twitter client Mehdoh is free for a short period

Popular Twitter client for Windows Phone Mehdoh is presently available for free on Windows Phone store. Mehdoh is one of the oldest Twitter client for Windows Phone, which has been around since Windows Phone 7 days. What makes Mehdoh special […]

Twitter provides new ways to search

Twitter apps for iOS and Android were updated which will make it much easier to find what’s happening on Twitter of your likings. New filters are provided now in Search which will help you quickly find the Tweets, people you […]