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Twitter launches Twitter Alerts

Twitter is launching a new feature Twitter Alerts which will help its users to get important and accurate information from credible organizations during the time of emergencies, natural disasters or any other time when other communications services aren’t accessible. It’s very […]

Twitter for Windows 8 updated, supports Multiple accounts, Lists

The Twitter app for Windows 8 has just been updated. Apart from bug fixes, it has some improvements too such as it now supports multiple accounts and lists. This was a much requested feature and users must now be glad […]

F-Secure launches Safe Twiit to scan Twitter links

Twitter  is proven to be vulnerable to hacking attempts every now and then. Seeing the increasing internet vulnerabilities and the dubious links being shared on this popular social site, F-Secure has launched a new tool to scan Twitter links. The […]

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Twitter follows Facebook, starts cookie based ad targeting

Taking a cue from Facebook, Twitter Inc. said on Wednesday that it is experimenting new ways to tailor ads where it will scan your account info to show you promoted tweets. With this move, Twitter joins firms like Facebook, Google, […]

Windows Phone 8 Twitter app gets Microsoft Translator support

Microsoft announced an exciting new feature update to its Twitter app for Windows Phone 8 – instant translation of Tweets in a different language than the one you understand. The technology is based upon Microsoft Research’s key advancements in machine […]

Twitter adds the Follow button in Who To Follow box

If you are Twitter users, you will probably have noticed that the social networking site has added the Follow button in the Who To Follow box, in the left side panel. This is how the Who To Follow box looks […]

Twitter Web Analytics Tool now lets you measure the performance of your tweets

Twitter has good news for its users. Twitter users can now analyze the popularity of their tweets using the Twitter analytics tool. Previously available only for Twitter’s advertising customers, Twitter analytics platform is now open for the general users. Twitter today […]

TweetDeck gets a new look with improved usability

It was request by many TweetDeck users had! They wanted to see an improved TweetDeck in terms of looks and features. And now TweetDeck has introduced a brand new look that will surely please its users. Matching with Twitter’s design aesthetics, this TweetDeck update provides a […]

Vine for Android now available!

Twitter after launching Vine for iOS few months back, has now launched Vine for Android. As you know using Vine, one can create short 6 seconds looping videos in a simple and fun way and share them with family and […]

Facebook takes a cue from Twitter, launches Verified Pages & Profiles

Facebook has at last introduced ‘Verified Pages‘, a feature that would help Facebook users to easily find official accounts of celebrities and other prominent personalities they would like to follow. Much like verified accounts on Twitter, Facebook will display a […]

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Don’t restrict employees from using Social tools, says Microsoft

The latest report from Microsoft is an eye opener for companies that have laid restrictions on the usage of social tools within their workplace. As per the new Microsoft survey, nearly half of the employees say that the use of social tools […]


Facebook popularity dipping among Teenagers; Twitter gaining

We love Facebook, don’t we?  It is still the most popular social networking site today. But often you will find people complaining about non-replies, delayed response, non-acceptance of a requests, missing birthday wishes, and many more activities where social expectations […]

Twitter introduces Login Verification for better protection

In recent times, we have been hearing about several websites data base being compromised – and Twitter wasn’t an exception. Twitter accounts too are being compromised by mail phishing schemes or breach of passwords. It can be pretty damaging when this […]

Google glass

Twitter for Google Glass announced

In an interesting development, Twitter launched its official application for Google Glass. This application from Twitter will now allow Google Glass users to tweet photos and texts. So as a user you tweet photos the text will automatically be included. […]

Twitter to end support for IE6 and IE7

Seeing the dwindling share of Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 in the global browser market share, Twitter announced that they would no longer support these outdated web browsers. Most computer users have already updated to the latest versions […]

Twitter launches Twitter #music – a new music service

Twitter seems to be going strong as it recently announced the launch of its new music service called as Twitter #music. Launched on the web and also on the Apple Store, Twitter #music has garnered mixed reviews ever since. Twitter […]

Twitter Music

Twitter Music is on the way …

Twitter is introducing a music streaming application that will let users listen to their favorite tracks while tweeting. This will probably help users to discover the listening habits of their friends and followers, as well. However, what form of the […]

Official Twitter client for Windows 8 released

After a long wait, Twitter has finally released its official app for Windows 8 today. This was announced on Windows Blog as well as the Twitter blog. There were already some Windows 8 Twitter Client apps like Tweetro, MetroTwit, etc available, but this […]

Twitter for Windows Phone gets a big update in v2

If you are using the official Twitter app on your Windows Phone, there is a big update waiting for you at the Windows Phone Store. The Version 2.0 has been significantly redesigned and adds many new features, you want to […]

Anonymous Hacks Burger King Twitter Account

Burger King’s Twitter account (@burgerking) got hacked and was made to display the McDonalds logo. Burger King (@Burgerking) had more than 89,000 followers in its Twitter account which was hacked today morning. Since then the Burger King account has been […]

Twitter now haz Lolcat language option

U can nao change ur language 2 lolcat in Twittr Settings! Don’t be surprised reading the above sentence or the title for spelling and grammar. That’s how Lolcat language is supposed to be. Often accompanied by a Cat photo and […]

Over 250,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked by group of Hackers

A group of hackers targeted popular micro-blogging platform – Twitter this week. The latest attack on Twitter comes days after a number of major publications such as New York Times and the Wall Street Journal revealed that they too had […]

Tweetro+, The Windows 8 Twitter App, On Holiday Sale At Just $4.99

The paid Twitter app for Windows 8, Tweetro+ is now available at a discounted price of $4.99 which was previously priced at $9.99. Lazyworm Applications re-launched Tweetro, a popular Twitter app for Windows 8 earlier this month. Lazyworm launched it […]

Twitter Launches New Archive Tool To Help Back Up Tweets

Twitter has officially launched an Archive Tool to enable the users to keep a record of all their tweets. Twitter announced that users will now be able to download their entire personal Twitter archive. This achieve tool will include the tweets […]

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Twitter Introduces New Profile for Everyone

Twitter is all set to start rolling out new profiles for every Twitter user.  The micro-blogging platform via an announcement made it clear that it would automatically introduce its users to a new profile setup by December 12. The new […]