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Twitter partners with Aviary to provide Photo Filters

Recently we have seen  that Instagram had disabled photo integration in Twitter. Twitter has been quick to react to this. They have announced its own photo filters feature. Now you will be able to edit and add filters to photos, […]

Instagram has disabled photo integration, confirms Twitter

Twitter user were  experiencing issues with viewing Instagram photos on Twitter since a couple of days. They were also complaining about Instagram pics that were present as Gallery cards earlier, were not being shown now. There were complaints of cropped […]

Twitter To Release Photo Filter Tool By End Of The Year

Twitter is planning to launch its own photo filtering tool somewhere around the end weeks of 2012, but the co-founder Jack Dorsey has already started posting photos using this tool. Jack Dorsey, Twitter Chairman tweeted a few black and white […]

Oprah Winfrey uses an iPad to praise Microsoft Surface on Twitter

After calling the Surface one of her favorite items, Oprah Winfrey took to Twitter to confess about her love for Microsoft Surface. Here is what she tweeted: Since Oprah had already praised the Surface earlier, there might be nothing new in […]

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Microsoft changes Twitter handles

Microsoft is changing the name of its Twitter Feed. You will automatically remain a follower of its news feed, as this is just a name change to more accurately reflect the content of the feed.

image not found under attack!

The Twitter website is being widely exploited by users who have stumbled across a flaw which allows messages to pop-up and third-party websites to open in your browser just by moving your mouse over a link. UPDATE: The flaw has […]

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Twitter’s new features to deliver a richer experience to its users

Twitter has announced that it will be tweaking its interface to add some new features. It appears to be  following in the footsteps of the biggest social networks like Facebook, by allowing its users to share and manage multimedia content […]

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After Google Instant and YouTube Instant, can Twitter Instant be far!?

We were just getting started with the Google Instant and  soon thereafter someone tries his hands on  YouTube Instant. And now we have not just one but two different people attempting a Twitter Instant version! The first one is From […]

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Twitter applications will work with OAuth only henceforth

Starting today, all the Twitter applications will work only with OAuth. If you’re like most twitter users who have used Twitter third-party applications or clients to send and read tweets, here after, all your third party apps and clients wont […]

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Twitter to launch official Tweet buttons

Looks like Twitter is getting ready to launch its own set of official Tweet buttons! This button will let readers share articles on websites and also display the number of times the article has been shared on Twitter.

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Twitter unveils ‘Who To Follow’ new feature

If you’ve used Facebook, you might be aware of the “Recommended” feature. Twitter has now introduced a similar “Who To Follow” feature, a few days back. While Facebook recommends people or pages you’d like to connect with, the Twitter feature […]

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Pakistan now blocks Twitter!

After earlier banning Wikipedia, Flickr, Youtube & Facebook, Pakistan has now blocked Twitter.

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Search Twitter on Bing

Bing has announced that users can now search in real time by adding Twitter to search results.

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Microsoft Help is now on Twitter

Microsoft has launched a new Twitter account that will provides customers with help and information on Microsoft products.

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Windows 7 giveaways on Twitter

Throughout the next 7 weeks, @mswindows will be giving away prizes all based on the number 7. Winners must take part in the challenges and are encouraged to invite friends to join in on the fun which all culminates on […]

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White House bans Twitter

White House has blocked online access to Twitter. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs made the admission today, while acknowledging that he does not Twitter because the world knows enough already about what he’s doing. Gibbs clearly doesn’t appreciate the […]