Twitter’s new powerful search lets you search for all tweets

Taking microblogging to next level, Twitter has launched its new and powerful search index today. Twitter has been around since 2006 and has gained a continuous popularity ever since its inception. The lately released search engine of Twitter allows user to search through every tweet ever tweeted in last eight years.


Twitter now indexes the entire tweets allowing the users to search for specific words tweeted by specific users out of billions tweets over the site.

Yi Zhuang, project co-leader in Twitter wrote in the official website,

“The company is making the complete results from its Tweet Index available through the ‘All’ tab of search results generated by its Web client and iOS and Android apps”.

Company also wrote that the new search engine serves queries with an average latency of under 100 milliseconds which is quite admirable.

Though Twitter already provides a comprehensive search but the new feature will let u search a tweet through all public tweets ever tweeted in the website. Tweet Index, the new and powerful search index will start rolling out in net few days.

As per the official blog post, Tweet Index is a major party of ongoing improvements on Twitter and many such optimizations will done in near future.

Go search for tweets here!

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