Group Direct Message and Mobile Video Camera come to Twitter

Twitter had announced last year that it was developing some advanced feature applications.  Following the same, Twitter recently rolled out two of such apps. The first of them is ‘Group Direct Message’ while the other one is ‘Mobile Video Camera’.


The announcement could give Twitter the much needed boost as the top social networking site is apparently facing tough competition these days from competitors like Instagram and Snapchat. These two new apps would help Twitter solidify its position in the market by attracting more users.

Group Direct Message

With newly launched ‘Direct Message’ feature, you can easily and instantly communicate privately with a person or a group of people. At times users need to continue their public conversation, but privately with only few people. So using Direct Message’ feature you can add up to 20 people in a group and start communicating them privately.

Earlier for direct messages both the users were needed to follow each other before starting the conversation. Now, Twitter says that in order to begin the group direct message with any of the followers, following each other to participate is not required. A direct message will include Text, Photos, Links, Images and Tweets which can help you to express your point of view more comfortably.

Mobile Video Camera

‘Mobile Video Camera’ feature allow you to capture, edit and share videos from your Twitter app. So now your best moments will be captured and shared easily across the Twitter network as Twitter has added this new video capturing feature into the camera with editing capability as well. Capturing and playing videos will be very simple from the Twitter app and if you are an iPhone user then you can share video which is captured outside Twitter as well. All you need to do is just to click on the thumbnail.

Currently only 30 second long video is allowed to be shared across the network. In future you can expect more enhancement to be made. So just stay tuned and wait for future updates.

Click here to read more about these two features.

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