New Twitter app for Windows 10 released

Windows 10 has officially hit the store shelves, and already some developers are improving their apps beforehand. One such app that has gotten an improvement is Twitter. The main improvement to the app seems lie with its looks rather than what it can do. We’ll dig more into the new stuff in a future review, which will be found on The Windows Club.

twitter app

Twitter app for Windows 10

The new look of the Windows 10 Twitter app seems to compliment the looks of the new Microsoft operating system. This should allow the app the blend in nicely without looking odd on the computer screen.

What is not clear at the moment, is if Twitter will add support for the new quote system, or just general improvements to the entire app.

Recent versions of the Twitter app for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, have been nothing but terrible since it lacks many of the great features found on the Android and iOS versions of the same app.

In many ways, we could understand why Twitter doesn’t focus more of its attention on the Windows version of its app, and as such, we hope that changes with Windows 10.

People who leave one operating system for another should not have to contend with having to use the same apps, but with fewer features and inferior overall performance. This is one of the reasons why many smartphone users have kept their distance from the Windows Phone ecosystem.

Speaking of Windows Phone, it would be great if Twitter would transform its app into a Universal app that works across Windows 10 Mobile with all the same features and design.

It will likely take a while to happen, and will probably depend a lot on how well Windows 10 is received where reviews are concerned, and whether or not consumers take a liking towards the new operating system.

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