Flower Recognition is a new iOS app from Microsoft Garage

Ever needed a tool on your iPhone to easily recognize what flower you are looking at? Well, there’s an app for that. Flower Recognition is the latest app from the Microsoft Garage team, exclusive to iOS.

Flower Recognition

Flower Recognition app for iOS

A few months back, a partnership between the Institute of Botany at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Microsoft Research helped make the process of identifying flower varieties easier through the ‘Smart Flower Recognition System’. The people behind this innovative app are from the Innovation Engineering Group, Multimedia Search and Mining, and the Microsoft Research Asia Lab in Beijing, China.

The new app, Flower Recognition, is currently live on the Apple App Store and you can download it on devices with iOS 8.2 and above. There might be some sync issues with the latest iOS 10, but that is expected to be sorted within the next few days.

There’s a problem for English speakers, though;  the first version of this app is in Chinese only, but the English translation for each flower is mentioned in the app. Microsoft Garage also has plans to roll out an English version of the app very soon.

Using this app is quite simple and smooth; you just need to take a picture of a flower or even choose an existing photo from your gallery. After that, resize the image so the flower fills the screen and you will see a recognition icon on the screen. You can also tap the ribbon to show other similar flowers. Tap anywhere on the card to see more details on the flower and share your findings via mail or social media.

It is available for download from the Apple Store.

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