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Meet Charts 3D, Microsoft Garage’s latest spin on 3D Charts

Microsoft Garage has been the treasure cove of innovation. The impromptu platform by Microsoft has been helping its employees come up with innovative and outlandish ideas that often end up as a core Microsoft offering. Microsoft Garage has once again […]

Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage to open new locations

Microsoft Garage has amazed us with all the innovative stuff it has come out with so far. The impromptu innovation center from Microsoft lets its employees work on a side project and access Microsoft’s ocean of resources. This has let […]

flower recognition app

Flower Recognition is a new iOS app from Microsoft Garage

Ever needed a tool on your iPhone to easily recognize what flower you are looking at? Well, there’s an app for that. Flower Recognition is the latest app from the Microsoft Garage team, exclusive to iOS. Flower Recognition app for […]

Microsoft Garage releases Sight Sign app

A new research development made by Microsoft, lets users with challenges sign their own signature using their eye gaze. Sight Sign, a new app developed for Windows 10 by Microsoft Garage lets users ink in their own signature and instruct […]