Microsoft LOOP SDK aims at helping developers add location insights to their apps

Microsoft Garage has always been pretty impressive when it comes to innovative stuff and this time around the Microsoft Location and Observation Platform (LOOP) is aimed at app developers. By using the SDK for location analytics developers can sync iOS and Android SDK’s signal with the server in order to view the aggregate stats on where the users are in the real world.

Microsoft Location and Observation Platform (LOOP)

Microsoft Location and Observation Platform (LOOP)

LOOP will also help the developers gain Realtime view by enabling a feed of how many users are sending signals and receiving location insights. Moreover, users can also export location histories to Azure Blob as of now and later the functionality to download for Amazon S3 will be added.

If you are wondering here is how the Loop works, the program converts the basic signals which usually consist of latitude and longitude points into location insights which will help app developers to target their users in a much more efficient way. The type of insights offered by Loop at this juncture includes known locations, drives, and trips.

LOOP comes restricted with the number of signals one can send during the development tier but the enterprise tier comes with no restrictions as such and one could simply use the system an unlimited number of times. However, in the beta phase, developers can use it free of cost. If you are interested in incorporating LOOP for your app head over to this link.

On the contrary, we also hope that the LOOP insights will not impair the privacy of the app users, something that the developers should be aware of.

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