Free Sophos anti-virus for Apple Mac released

Its great news for Mac users! Sophos has just released a Free anti-virus for Mac. As malware attacks on Apple computers grow, they’re now an increasingly-enticing and easy target for hackers.

The cybercriminals aren’t kids messing around in back bedrooms any longer, they’re organised and professional. And – unfortunately – many Mac users may have been too blasé about securing their computers.

This complacency had led many to believe that a Mac was secure, although the fact of the story was that the Mac market share was too small to interest malware writers.

But now as the Mac market share continues to grow, malware writers and hackers have started looking at them!

To protect yourself from such attacks, get Free Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac!

Get more details and watch Apple malware videos at Yes, you need anti-virus on your Mac.

If you know a Mac user, please do share this news with them!

Also check out Avira Free antivirus for Mac and Avats free antivirus for Mac.

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