Genius to launch Windows 8 Touch Mouse, to make its Touch gestures easier on desktops

Windows 8 is a leap ahead! It is going to open a whole new world of multi-touch gestures which you will be able to perform on a touchscreen device. You can even perform these gestures using a normal mouse or touchpad of your laptop, but it will be a bit hard to perform them that way. So, to save the users of current generation computers from lagging behind, a brilliant touch mouse is in the making.

Genius, a computer peripherals manufacturer, has looked into the problem and developed a Touch Mouse specially designed to perform the touch gestures of Windows 8 on non-touch computers.

This new mouse allows you to perform Windows 8 gestures while standing several feet away from your notebook and holding it in the air.

When placed on a table, it works as a normal wireless mouse with clickable buttons. However, its top surface is touch sensitive and is designed to allow several key Windows 8 gestures, including two-finger swipe from the right to launch the charms menu, two-finger swipe down from the top to launch a context menu and two-finger swipe from the left to switch between apps.

The mouse is going to be an important asset for professionals and mouse-addicted computer users to control their Windows 8 PCs easily. The prototype mouse which Genius showed off was having a bright yellow plastic chassis and fits comfortably in the hand of user.

The mouse is now in development and will be made publicly available after the release of Windows 8 later this year.

We might expect a Windows 8 Touch Mouse from Microsoft Hardware as well. Even earlier Microsoft has released three different touch mice for Windows 7. And since Windows 8 is totally touch-centric, I am sure that Microsoft Hardware engineers have something innovative going in their minds.

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