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Sculpt Comfort Mouse & Sculpt Mobile Mouse unveiled by Microsoft

Today, Microsoft unveiled two new mice, designed to make Windows 8 navigation a lot easier – Sculpt Comfort Mouse and Sculpt Mobile mouse. A year ago, Microsoft had launched Wedge Touch Mouse that featured a 4 way-touch scrolling and a Backpack Mode […]

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Microsoft’s new Arc Touch Mouse and Mobile 3500, Artist Edition Mice

When looking for computer peripherals such as keyboard, mouse or webcam I often visit Microsoft Hardware. It is one stop-source for all the Microsoft products. Microsoft has been releasing some wonderful such editions of designer mice lately. We have seen […]

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Amazing Glass Multi-Touch keyboard and mouse

Having a glass keyboard and mouse on your table may not be very far away now in the future now – especially if this Kickstarter project from  Giddings Product Development gets the required funding. This computer peripheral is being made […]

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New Explorer Touch Mouse from Microsoft

The new Explorer Touch Mouse announced by Microsoft takes the touch strip technology to the next level by delivering a strip with both vertical and horizontal navigation.

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Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Overview

Microsoft today unveiled the Arc Touch Mouse, the first mouse designed to flatten for portability and pop up for comfort. The new mouse features Microsoft’s first touch scroll strip for easy navigation. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Windows-based PC users will […]