Ghost, the new blogging platform, promises to focus on blogging alone

By the look of it, Ghost, the new blogging platform, looks impressive and can become the next generation of WordPress. Ghost, an open source blogging platform is being developed by John O’ Nolan, who is a web designer and former deputy head of the WordPress User Interface Group.

It’s about 6 months ago when John published an article that spoke of how WordPress has changed over the years and has become a successful content management system from its origination of being a pure blogging platform. He further pointed out that though WordPress has evolved as a CMS, the complexities it possesses in posting a great blog are indications to the fact that it is not a pure blogging site any more.

Ghost: Just a blogging platform

Ghost blogging

In his initial post on Ghost,

John says that “Ghost, is my idealistic and fictional concept for a WordPress-lite fork. It has one purpose and only one purpose: enabling digital publishing for the masses. Enabling people with more important ideas and things to say than I ever will to publish content online, quickly, easily, beautifully, and efficiently”.

Amazing Response to the kickstarter campaign – Funding completed with 12 hours

Ghost project

The kickstarter program launched on the 29th April says a lot about the different features of Ghost and how it aims to focus only on blogging. But the program is still not launched and there is a lot to be revealed which we will know only when it is released later this year. However, in spite of that the program was received well with overwhelming response and was funded within 12 hours after the kickstarter campaign was launched. In case you are interested, the funding is still open till May 28th, 2013.

Though the kickstarter program has much to say on Ghost, it is worth mentioning few interesting findings.

Dashboard: Looks just so inventive

Ghost Dashboard

Writing Screen looks good

I can say that the Writing Screen shared on the kickstarter tells you that blogger’s will have a preview screen on the right. John says that the blogger’s can write down their ideas and format them on the fly, and there is no need to pause and seek help of many formatting buttons.

Ghost Screen

Ghost is Mobile friendly

Ghost Mobil friendly

Not just limited to computers, Ghost says that it is a mobile friendly web application that works on all devices. You can use these devices not for just an overview or couple of functions but they will have access to complete functions just like a PC.

Developed for the love towards blogging, not profits!

And the last of them all, this is a non-profit project and shareholders doesn’t make money from the application, whatever money Ghost makes that will be reinvested in making Ghost better.

 Verdict: Even though I am scared of ghosts I wouldn’t mind them if they are as good as what John promises.

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