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Windows Live Writer is now Open-Sourced as Open Live Writer

Are you still using Windows Live Writer and wanted it to be improved? Here’s a very positive news about it. Windows Live Writer is now open sourced by a team of developers from within Microsoft – and called Open Live […]

NewsPad Blogging Tool released by Microsoft as Open Source

Fuse Labs, a research arm of Microsoft. FUSE, which is the shortened form of Future Social Experiences Labs is an applied research team that ideates, aims to develop, and deliver new social, real-time, media-rich experiences for home and work. They […]

WordPress 3.5.2 update includes security fixes & more

A new update to WordPress viz. WordPress 3.5.2 is now available to download. This update includes some security fixes and some fixes on maintenance related issues. This is an overall security release so it is highly recommended to update WordPress […]

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in

WordPress – one of the most popularly used blogging platforms for both personal as well as professional blogs is strengthening its position as more than half of top 100 blogs now use WordPress. The latest study by website monitoring firm Pingdom shows […]

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Microsoft to retire Windows ClubHouse; launches Extreme Windows Blog

Microsoft has made a decision to retire the Windows Clubhouse in Spring 2011. As Clubhouse was a launch effort around Windows 7, the Windows management team feels that this platform has been a great success and huge factor around Windows […]

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Google allows website visitors to opt out of Google Analytics

Many website owners & bloggers use Google Analytics to track & see their website statistics.  Google has now announced that they are now giving the option to the visitors to opt out of being counted! Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on […]

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Microsoft launches The Windows Partner Blog.

Microsoft today, kicked off a brand new blog – Windows Partner Blog. Here, many of Microsoft’s partners will have a chance to do guest blogs to talk about their products and Windows.

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Springboard Series Blog – Now part of The Windows Blog!

The Springboard Series Blog will now be part of The Windows Blog! By partnering with The Windows Blog, Microsoft is taking one more step towards creating that one stop shop for key information on Windows through blogging at one location.