Google AdSense introduces new larger 970×90 Large Leaderboard ad unit

Just in case you missed it, Google AdSense, last week, introduced a larger ad format of size 970×90 called as Large Leaderboard. The ad format will offer text, image and rich media ads.


Also known as Super Leaderboards, these 970×90 ad units are a newly adopted IAB standard, and promise to offer a visually impact-full placement for advertisers to promote their products on wider screens, which seem to have become the norm these days.

This new ad format can show up to four text ads, image ad or a rich media ad. If no image or rich media ads of this size are available, the unit will show 728×90 image or rich media ads.

Google seems to be introducing large format ads these days. It was just a few months back that AdSense introduced the 300×600 ad size. Although most expect the 970×90 to give higher RPMs, it is not necessary that larger ads necessarily end up paying more. In our case, we found that the 300×600 ad was paying lower than the 300×200 ad at the same spot, making us switch back to the smaller size.

If it weren’t for online advertising, the Internet as we know it today, might not have developed the way it did. It is thanks to online advertising networks like Google AdSense, that webmasters, site-owners and bloggers are able to generate & share content, pay their web bills and earn a decent income.

Let us hope the new 970×90 Large Leaderboard unit leads to a richer experience – for the readers, the advertisers and us publishers.

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