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Google AdSense Matched Content Tool

Google AdSense introduces Matched Content

Google AdSense today announced that they were introducing Matched Content, a free content recommendation tool for AdSense publishers. Google AdSense Matched Content Tool This Matched content tool would promote the other content of your website to your site visitors, by genetaring […]


Google AdSense accounts infected with malvertising attack

The popular Google AdSense program that supplies advertisement to most websites has become the latest victim of malware abuse. It has been reported that serious malvertising attacks were delivered on websites registered with Google’s AdSense program. Denis Sinegubko, senior malware […]


Google launches Contributor program that lets you block ads

Google has launched a new service named Contributor that will allow readers to kill advertisements on their favorite websites for a monthly fee. The way the Google Contributor program works is that, users can choose to make a monthly contribution […]

Google AdSense to allow Custom Ad Sizes to all

Great news for Google AdSense users! Google not just introduced two new ad sizes, i.e. 216 and 434 but also made AdSense more flexible by allowing users to create and choose their customized ad sizes. Well, this means now Google […]

Google introduces Scorecard for AdSense Publishers

Google has introduced a new, ‘Scorecard’ feature to the AdSense platform. The feature has been added to help website publishers understand how well their ad settings, web pages and content are performing compared, to those of other AdSense publishers, claims […]

Google AdSense is 10 years old

A decade ago, Google launched an ad program named as Google AdSense to help and support online publishers earn money by placing relevant ads on their websites. Today, the service acts as huge revenue generator for the company Fast-forward 10 […]

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Google launches AdSense Academy

Google has launched the AdSense Academy. This online academy will offer you courses, tutorials, documentation, videos and tests to help you become and expert in online advertising and tell you how to master and make more money from AdSense. Learn […]

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Google hardens AdSense application and approval process

It is going to be more difficult now to get your AdSense approval from Google now! Starting today, Google has added one more step to the entire scrutiny and approval process. First after you have submitted your application for approval, Google […]