Google hardens AdSense application and approval process

It is going to be more difficult now to get your AdSense approval from Google now! Starting today, Google has added one more step to the entire scrutiny and approval process.

First after you have submitted your application for approval, Google will carry out a preliminary check on your blog or website and check your submitted details. If both these are found OK and meet its approval, you will be notified about it by email, and further-more you will be given access to the AdSense account. Once this is done, you can via your newly created AdSense account generate the ad tags and place them on your website.

Now here is where there is a change. It is essential that you place your ad tags on your website right away. Live ads will not be shown however – blank spaces will show instead. Now Google will once again review your website, the ad placements and check if the user experience is being affected. Only if all this meets Google’s expectations, will your account be finally approved and live ads start displaying. You will then be once again be notified by email about your final approval.

Once approved, you can the ofcourse continue with placing more ads in your other sites, if any.

Google says that they have implemented this change to its initial review process to strengthen the AdSense network.

Improving the quality of the network will drive more interest and demand from advertisers, increasing the earning potential for all of our publishers.

If you are already an AdSense publisher, you might want to check out these AdSense optimization tips from Google.

In case you are planning to apply for an AdSense account, you can do so here. As it is, in some locations, including India, China, etc, Google requires publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. This will make things only more difficult now! In case you do not get approved, you can always try some of these AdSense alternatives.

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