Google starts urging Firefox users to change their Search Engine

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  1. IN FF 34 and now FF35, I get the occasional blue Google banner asking if I’d like to “speed up” searching with a new Google engine, but when i click “sure”, Google always says my version of Firefox doesn’t support such an upgrade. When in a major VPN, FF35 won’t let me connect to Google’s servers on as its note says “user unable to override” FF ‘problem’ matching pin-key issues; only ones that work in VPN for me with FF35 are DuckDuckGo, StartPage. So maybe FF is not only favoring Yahoo but disadvantaging Google?

  2. No!
    FF does not favouring Yahoo, Google works/worked fine at any version of FF I have used, and also as a preferred search engine.
    But I do not use Google as much as before, it has became to overloaded with commercial links and fake results based on manipulated metatags.

    I do still use Google though, but just not as much as before.

  3. Thanks; must just be some glitch when using VPN, as Google indeed works fine on my FF 34/35…could even be a Google glitch or reluctance to VPN. Thanks again, cheers!

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