HoloLens battery life will last for up to 5.5 hours

HoloLens, remember that? Of course, you do, how could you not. It’s the newest piece of technology from Microsoft that is designed to add holograms within our space of confinement.

At the moment, there is much we do not know about HoloLens, but that is slowly changing as Microsoft has begun to open up about the device. The software giant had an event in Tel Aviv recently where Bruce Harris, Microsoft’s Technical Evangelist, claimed that HoloLens’ battery life can go up to 5.5-hours.

hololens 2

That’s not bad for such a powerful piece of hardware. We understand if you’re using HoloLens heavily, the battery life may only last for 2.5-hours, which is again, not that big of a deal. It would be a lot better if Microsoft adds a long wire in the package to keep it powered for long stationary use.

Harris also went on to add that HoloLens will support both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to power Microsoft’s Windows 10 universal apps system.

Now, when it comes down to the field of view concerns most critics have experienced; Harris said that using HoloLens would be similar to looking at a 15-inch computer monitor. The field of view could be improved depending on how well the software giant can improve manufacturing.

If improvements go according to plan, the cost and battery life may improve as well, and not just the field of view. We hope Microsoft can fix the field of view because if it is as terrible as some have claimed, then the company will definitely have a huge problem on its hands.

The video showcasing what Harris had to say has since been taken down.

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