Microsoft patents Emotion Detection and Feedback System for Hololens

Get ready to become more social with the Microsoft Hololens. The company has filed a patent for emotion detection and feedback system for Hololens. The patent has been filed in the name of a single inventor, Robert Jerauld while Microsoft Technologies is the assignee. The patent number US9019174 B2 says that the inventor has designed a system that checks out the emotions of people in a room and sends feedback on the lens of Hololens in form of projection. Based on the feedback, the person wearing the Hololens can change his or her style of approach towards the people so as to look more interesting.

Hololens Emotion Detection & Feedback System

Microsoft Holo lens

Hololens emotion detection and feedback system, if implemented, could change the lives of many, especially those with social anxiety and people with suffering from diseases like autism that are hurdles to socializing.

The emotion detection and feedback system works based on the eye movements of the Hololens wearer. It follows the eye and analyses different factors about the people in the line of sight. The factors include drowsiness, body language, interest (based on size of pupils etc.), and similar things to determine how much are they emotionally engaged with the Hololens wearer. The feedback is projected for the wearer to see and then, based on the feedback, the Hololens wearer can change his or her style of talking and behavior to impress the opposite person(s) better.

It is useful for social speaking too. For example, if you are wearing a Hololens with emotion detection and feedback system while giving a presentation, the system will check for certain factors that will help you determine how much are the audience interested in your presentation. It takes into account the body language – people yawning, dripping eyelids, murmers and talking amongst themselves, attentivity (again based on pupil size: size would be bigger if the person is interested) and similar factors. It then processes the information and projects it into your sight line.

Based on the feedback, you may want to become more enthusiastic and throw some jokes into the presentation so that people show more interest towards you. Or you can pick up some other topic for a while that would interest the audience.

Though Microsoft has filed the patent, we cannot say if it will really use it in the Hololens. Companies like Microsoft and Google file hundreds of patents every year and do not use all of them in their products. But if the emotion detection and feedback system is employed, Hololens will definitely be a blessing for many.

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