HoloLens could replace the computer monitor

Recent videos of HoloLens in action has shown us what the future could be like with Holograms all around us. Microsoft has done an excellent job so far with getting us excited, and these latest videos have made some of us a true believer.

After watching the video, we noticed something very interesting, HoloLens could be a TV or computer monitor replacement device. Just imagine wanting a watch a series or movie on Netflix and doing so without ever having to own a TV or monitor. Imagine doing the same thing when it comes down to video games or regular computer related tasks.


By making it possible for users to turn to HoloLens to complete these tasks should make things easier, and give folks more room in their homes for more important things.

The only downside to HoloLens is the fact that it must be worn on the head and over the eyes. After long hours of use, the device could become uncomfortable to wear, so binging with HoloLens on might not be a good idea. Furthermore, we need to take into consideration that HoloLens is battery powered, unlike a TV that can run for as long as electricity is around.

This means that Microsoft may need to look into making the device support a power cord just in the case it needs to be used with a dead battery.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how well Microsoft can execute, or we may have to seek this dream from another company. Everything we talked about could happen with HoloLens, but right now, we have no choice but to play the wait and see game.

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