IE10 more popular than IE9 in June 2013

Recent surveys have come up with a conclusion that users are liking IE10 more than IE9. As per the data captured by Net Applications, more and more PCs are moving to IE10 from its previous browser version IE9.

According to the survey done by Net Applications in June’13, IE10 has taken over the previous version of Internet Explorer, i.e. IE9. IE10 has successfully grabbed 13.52% share of the browser market. On the other hand, IE9 was successful in taking over 11.71% share of the browser market. These two figures changed rapidly from the May’13 figures. In May’13, IE9 was leading by 15.39%, while IE10 was much behind it with 9.26% browser market share.

IE10 share

How the numbers make difference for IE10

Though at the first glance the numbers seem insignificant and increase in the market share seems very small. However, the numbers are very noteworthy because IE10 runs only on Windows 7 and Windows 8; while IE9 is available for Windows Vista as well. If you consider this, you will certainly understand the difference in numbers.

What about other browsers apart from IE10?

Net Application’s survey on the browsers is not limited to IE9 and IE10. It also showcases the popularity of other browsers. The pie chart above (Image 1) shows that Internet Explorer 8 holds a browser market share of 22.67%. With this figure, it once again becomes the most used web browser in the world. The second place in the competition of browsers’ popularity is grabbed by Chrome 27 by Google with 13.76% of browser market share. IE10 lies on the third place while Mozilla’s Firefox 21 takes the 4th place with 12.47% of market share. ¬†It is followed by IE9 with 11.71%.

These figures also show that Internet Explorer family is leading all other web browsers available in the market. ¬†Collectively, Internet Explorer holds 56.16% of the browser market share during the month of June’13. In May, the same figure was 55.99%.

Microsoft’s IE11 is not a part of the survey since it is a part of Windows 8.1 public review. You can see the comparison all the browsers here on Net Applications.

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