Interest in Google+ spawns spam Google Invites

Google recently launched the Google+ social networking platform. The first users are already trying out this new social network and many more are anxiously waiting for an Invite.

This huge interest has many spammers take advantage of this and send false Google+ Invite email. Emsisoft has warned against clicking too quickly on such splam email links.

The first forged Google+ emails have already been detected and have hit the German shores. Anyone trusting the links in these forged emails quickly lands at websites offering fake pharmaceuticals or, in the worst case, at Malware-infested websites.

We have already received the first emails, which are designed to look like a Google message and invite us to view or comment on articles in the Google+ network. In view of the current level of interest it is easy to induce the users to click the links provided in these emails. The links in these spam mails do not lead to the Google+ network but rather to foreign homepages that are infested with Malware, said Christian Mairoll of Emsisoft, the makers of the free a-squared anti-malware software..

The security specialist advises a healthy dose of skepticism when receiving emails that supposedly come from Google. Unprofessional layout and spelling mistakes are clear indications of a forgery. Real emails from the search machine giant are usually personalized and the links always clearly point to Google domains.

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