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Spamtraps set in December 2016

The top 10 email senders who were caught in the Spamtraps

Spamtraps, Email Service Providers love them and spammers hate them! However, Spamtraps can be really useful in controlling the spam emails reaching your inbox. A report by MainSleaze mentions about the Spamtraps set in December 2016 by some of the […]

Spam emerges at the main tool to target Internet users

New findings from Kaspersky Labs signal some worrying facts. The report suggests Spam has emerged as the favorite tool for fraudsters to target Internet users. It also reports the mails with malicious attachments has increased significantly in the recent years. […]

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Interest in Google+ spawns spam Google Invites

Google recently launched the Google+ social networking platform. The first users are already trying out this new social network and many more are anxiously waiting for an Invite.

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Facebook launches Automatic Spam Filtering for Facebook Pages

If you’re an admin of any Facebook page, then could see a special tab named ‘Spam’. Yes, this new feature which is launched by Facebook automatically filters all the spam posts made on the Facebook page. It helps you to […]