Internet Explorer 10 is the Most Energy Efficient Browser

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  1. I mean …… REALLY?!
    What good is the enerygy efficiency of a browser if your cpu is left on all day and is an energy hog? That’s like putting lipstick on a pig and calling it beautiful.
    I could caree less if a browser is energy efficient, what Microsoft has yet to admit is that it’s latest browser is not very compatible with a lot of websites and most webmasters are not running at the chance to make thier sites compatible with IE 10. Unless you are using Windows 8 which the browser works well on but IE 10 is pretty much a dog on Windows 7, I used it for a week on my system and went back to 9.

  2. i use win7 and ie10 and

    ie10 for win7 no is good

    ie11 for win8.1 no is good

    ie9 for win7 is good

    now i use ie9 and win7

  3. Where have you been? Hiding under a rock? Gawd, you guys sound like a stuck record. Try IE 10 and see how it beats the $hit out of other browsers.

  4. @3925a04389b62d2cef445d3c703cb94a:disqus
    This a serious question!

    Can you give me some links to websites where IE10 are not compatible.
    And describe to me where the problems are.

    I am not working for MS and It is not a provocation, it is serious.
    I am simply interesting.

    I would like to see some of this sites, and see what’s wrong
    And where it differ from FireFox(my preferred browser) and Chrome

  5. I could not even get into my own ISP webmail using IE 10, I had to use Firefox.
    Secondly, I uninstalled IE 10 over two weeks ago, I wasn’t keeping track of the sites it did not display correctly. I just got sick of it and reverted back to 9. IE 10 was not designed with Windows 7 in mind at all, lets face it IE 10 was designed for Windows 8 which it runs very well on, then all the Windows 7 users pissed and moaned so much that they wanted a new browser so Microsoft had to make it compatible with 7 but they half assed it, otherwise you would only see IE 10 on Windows 8.

  6. @Hemant – When Microsoft gets all the bugs worked out and I can get into my own webmail without a hassel I’ll consider using it, I’ll think about it again more towards the end of the year.

  7. Oh by the way, did I mention that IE 10 does not work on Windows 7 systems that are running 3rd party themes also.

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