Internet Explorer 10 is the fastest browser on Windows 8, says Microsoft

Well, many of you might have already searched the net to find out which is the fastest browser on Windows 8. The answer may vary for everyone, but here’s yet another sizzler from Microsoft. In a new post on the IE blog, Microsoft has claimed that IE10 is the fastest browser for Windows 8.

In the blog post, they have given several evidences to prove the fact that Internet Explorer 10 is the fastest browser.

Here are some of them:

1. New Relic monitors page views for thousands of Internet sites, and found that IE10 and IE9 have the “fastest browser response time on Windows, with IE10 showing a notable increase over IE9.”

2. Tom’s Hardware found “Internet Explorer 10 smashes the competition, performing 37% better than even the latest version of Google’s Chrome.”

3. Strangeloop Networks published a report showing performance results from 2,000 of the world’s top retail sites, finding that “Internet Explorer 10 rendered pages faster than other browsers” and that “IE10 served pages 8% faster than Chrome 20.”

The post on the IE 10 blog was written by Roger Capriotti,  Director, Internet Explorer Marketing.  According to him, Internet Explorer 10 is not only fast and fluid but it has been built from the ground to provide a great real-world performance. Here’s what he has to say,

These unpaid, independent endorsements are just three votes in favor of IE10’s real-world performance. Since the arrival of Windows 8, millions more are using Internet Explorer 10 and learning first-hand that IE10 is fast, fluid, and perfect for touch.

Well, many of you might not agree with what Microsoft believes and that’s why Microsoft has also provided evidence to support their claim.

Now, its time to wait for such claims from other famous browsers such as Firefox and Chrome as well.

Let’s wait and see…

But in the meantime, drop your comment and let us know whether you agree with Microsoft’s claim or not. You can use AppTimer to measure the start up times for each browser.

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  1. Grumpigeek

    No point in IE10 being fastest when its font rendering is so shockingly bad, it gives you a headache.

  2. sarveshmotihari

    Looks like you are a Chrome/Firefox fan… 😉

  3. still, chrome and firefox are much better

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