Internet Explorer 11 brings Red Bull biking experience to the web

Once again validating the great capabilities of Internet Explorer 11 Microsoft has joined hands with Red Bull Media House to provide viewers a chance to enjoy the great mountain biking experience on the web. Red Bull, a name famous for its energy drinks had staged a mountain biking event in the southern district of the Utah desert from 11-13 October.

Internet Explorer 11

Owing to a remote location, every year the number of fans that witness the event are usually less, hence to bring the event to all this time Red Bull has partnered with Microsoft to bring this unique experience on the web through Internet Explorer 11.

With the help of modern browsers like Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft has created one of the most innovative sites ever to showcase a sports event. The Rampage website is now loaded with beautiful, immersive experience that showcases a 3D map of the downhill course, rider bios, videos from the most epic runs and a “behind the scenes” video.

On the IE blog, Adarsh Nair, Group Product Manager, IE Marketing writes

“To create the site, we started by getting 3D geographic data for both the course at Gooseberry Mesa and the surrounding area to create a geographically correct three-dimensional model of the Rampage course. We also attached a small GPS device to the rider’s mountain bikes to capture their exact location during the ride. Last, we used the time stamp on the GPS data point to align the GPS data with video footage captured by Red Bull Media House of each rider on the course. The combination of those three data sources (the 3D map, the GPS data and the footage of the rider) is what allows us to create this never before seen experience on the web”.

Due to tough terrain not all get a chance to witness the exciting mountain biking event. But now with the revamped Red Bull Rampage site you have a chance to interact with each rider by clicking anywhere on the interactive 3D map and you’ll be instantly dropped into their exact location on the course in their rider video.  So now no matter wherever you are, a virtual mountain ride to Utah is always possible with Internet Explorer 11.

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