Is Bing’s winning jingle the worst ever or not?

Microsoft’s new search engine Bing recently held a contest to find a catchy jingle for the product. Today, they have announced the winner.

“After much anticipation, a multitude of voting and discussion, we are very pleased to announce that the winner of the very first Bing Jingle contest is “Bing Goes the Internet” by Jonathan Mann, known on YouTube as “The Rock Cookie Bottom.”


While many seemed to have liked this Bing jingle, TechCrunch did not.

“But as bad as the jingle is, the video is much, much worse. It’s some guy in pajama pants doing really bad interpretive dance nonsense with awful effects and a Bing backdrop. The entire time I’m watching this, I’m thinking: So this is what hell looks/sounds like.”

In response to TechCrunch’s criticism, the winner The Rock Cookie Bottom was quick to follow it up with another jingle. 

“Everyone’s got an opinion, no use getting up in arms about it. But MG Siegler’s post on TechCrunch was so nasty, and so high profile, that it seemed like I had to strike back. And so I have. I present to you, “I’m MG Siegler”, in which I throw his words back at him, and more.”


Both a must watch. What do you think?  Happy

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