ISOC Announces 8 June, 2011 World IPv6 Day. What is IPv6 anyway?

Yesterday ISOC (Internet Society) announced 8th June 2011 as the World IPV6 Day. On that day, some of the internet biggies like Google Facebook and Yahoo will join the ISOC’s initiative to bring the IPv6 to the main stream internet.

On 8th June, these organizations along with some others will be providing their content over IPv6 for 24 hours for testing purposes, in order to encourage other big organizations over the internet to join the new version of IP (IPv4 being the currently used version), so that when these services are made available, all the Internet Service Providers and software and web based companies, would be well equipped with the latest compatible hardware and software for the IPv6.

Currently, we use the IPv4 version which provides us with 32 bit address; and soon the available addresses will be exhausted soon.

The newer version of IP that is the IPv6 on the other hand offers us 128 bit addressing capability which means that there would be more number of addresses available for use and making the internet more secure (better network layer security) than the earlier version of the IPv4, with a better QoS and other features such as Mobility support, multi-casting support as well.

IPv4 has approximately four billion IP addresses (the sequence of numbers assigned to each Internet-connected device). The explosion in the number of people, devices and web services on the Internet means that IPv4 is running out of space. IPv6, the next-generation Internet protocol, which provides over four billion times more space, will connect the billions of people not connected today and will help ensure the Internet can continue its current growth rate.

IPv6, the successor to the protocol currently used on the Internet, was designed in the late 1990s but has not seen deployment on a global scale. With IPv4 address space running out, the industry cannot afford to wait much longer.

Those who want to join the IPv6 Day initiative from Internet Society may checkout the official IPv6 Day Page for more information.

To can test your IPv6 connectivity Go Here!

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