Japanese digital artist uses Microsoft Excel to make landscape art

Have you ever thought of creating an artwork using Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for most of us are an endless field of rows and columns, but to your surprise it can also be used to create art pieces.

73-year-old Japanese digital artist Tatsuo Horiuchi has come up with a never expected artwork of large landscape pieces created using Microsoft Excel. He sees the MS Excel spreadsheet much more than the empty cells to fill the data.

Although, it is not for the first time that an artist has come up with an artwork on Microsoft Excel, but these eye popping landscape pieces created by Horiuchi are something very unique and attractive than the other Excel artwork we’ve ever come across.

The 73 year old retiree when asked why he used Excel for creating this amazing artwork answered that, “Other specialized graphic software is expensive, and Excel came pre-installed in PCs.” Continuing with his statement Horiuchi said a Japanese website PC Online that he found MS Excel easier and capable than MS Paint.

Artists usually use a graph to create their artwork, and Talented Japanese artist Horiuchi created these remarkable landscape pieces using MS Excel as the graph. Tatsuo Horiuchi has been working as a digital artist for last ten years and had shown his work in various exhibitions.

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