Latest Excel news.

Convert photo table into an Excel

Excel will now let you convert a Photo table into a spreadsheet

Microsoft aims to make your workplace more productive and efficient. This seems to be the agenda of the recent releases as well. Hence, the new capabilities released in February include several important security updates and use of Artificial Intelligence in […]

Microsoft’s Excel World Champ competition 2016 is here

Microsoft officially announced the initiation of their annual Excel World Champ competition where they award the best in data management and visualization. Excel World Champ 2016 From October to November 2016, Microsoft will run four rounds of Excel tests for […]

Power Map for Excel

Exciting Power Map for Excel coming this February

Finally, the most awaited update for Office 365 regarding the Power Map for Excel is out on February 10, 2015. As promised by Microsoft in December 2014, they have shared this ‘big thing’ with the world on the scheduled time, […]

Bing Finance Tracker for Excel now available

Microsoft Office and Bing have come together to brig the power of live search data to your desktop, with the Bing Finance Tracker for Excel. Bing Finance Tracker for Excel The Bing Finance Tracker for Excel is available for free […]

Japanese digital artist uses Microsoft Excel to make landscape art

Have you ever thought of creating an artwork using Microsoft Excel? Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for most of us are an endless field of rows and columns, but to your surprise it can also be used to create art pieces. 73-year-old […]

GeoFlow for Excel 2013 announced – Plot data visually in 3D

GeoFlow for Excel 2013 was announced a few days back. While earlier in Nov 2012, the attendees of SharePoint Conference 2012 had received it, this is a Public Preview and will be integrated with Microsoft Excel 2013 later this year. GeoFlow is a  […]