Kinect Apps are now available in the Windows Store

Three Kinect apps have just arrived in the Windows Stores! Nayi Disha, YaKit and 3D Builder are three of the first developers releasing the Kinect Apps for Windows. The developers from the community can now reach an expanded market of business and consumers with the Kinect Adapter for Windows and Xbox One Kinect Sensor.

kinect apps for Windows

Kinect Apps for Windows

Nayi Disha has developed an early educational tool, Comparison with Kaju. This app is actually a fun and intuitive Kinect-based game which will help the children in elementary schools and preschools to learn about numbers in a playful way. Kaju, who is a friendly alien who jumps serially from digit to digit. It jumps when child jumps and calls out a correct number and if the child shouts out the wrong number, Kaju won’t jump. . The Kinect sensor of the app interacts with children and help them learning numbers.

YaKit is an animation app which lets users make funny animations like pets, food items, nature etc. The app needs Kinect for Windows sensor to work. Users can convert any image into interesting animations just by speaking.

3D Builder lets users create, print and scan pictures in 3D. With this Kinect-based app, users can create the 3D models by embossing, trimming and combining images.

If you have the Kinect for Windows sensor, download these apps from the Windows Store and have fun.

Head over to the Kinect for Windows blog, if you want to know more about these apps.

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