Latest Kinect news.

Microsoft announces Azure Kinect at MWC Barcelona

Kinect was originally paired up with the Xbox 360 for its motion-sensing capabilities. This meant that people gaming on the Xbox 360 could use their body and hands to interact with the game. But with Xbox One, this approach was […]

E3 2015: Will Microsoft Showcase Kinect Based Games?

Kinect is Microsoft’s failed motion capture camera that was intended to bring gamers into the future with the Xbox One. The camera failed, but is Microsoft willing to push it aside at this year’s E3? It’s been a very long […]

Kinect for Windows v2 Sensors

Microsoft discontinues Kinect for Windows v2 Sensors

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced on Thursday, that, it would no longer produce the Kinect for Windows v2 sensors, since Kinect for Xbox One will do the needful. In a press release, the Kinect Windows Team claimed that the Kinect for […]

Kinect Apps are now available in the Windows Store

Three Kinect apps have just arrived in the Windows Stores! Nayi Disha, YaKit and 3D Builder are three of the first developers releasing the Kinect Apps for Windows. The developers from the community can now reach an expanded market of […]

Microsoft Music Box

Microsoft Music Box follows body movements to create music

Next to the venue of the Grammys, at LA LIVE Plaza, Microsoft is inviting members of the public to create music in an innovative way. Microsoft Music Box set up at the venue creates music following body movements. Microsoft Music […]

British Army employs Kinect and Windows 8.1 to fight Ebola

The hype of Ebola has died down it seems as news media is now talking again about terrorism and cops fighting innocent men. However, the danger is still there and the danger is big because Ebola spreads through contact of […]

Kinect offers new approach to physical therapy for Stroke Recovery

After their successful project on helping stroke victims recover from facial paralysis, Microsoft Kinect is now building new hopes for stroke patients needing physical restoration. Kinect’s stroke recovery project has been working towards building a cost-efficient and interactive home-rehabilitation system, […]


Microsoft Kinect will even translate sign language

The Research team from Microsoft’s labs is all set to launch the latest feature of Kinect, which allows it to recognize the sign language and translate it into text. The researchers at Microsoft Research Asia have teamed up with Institute […]

Microsoft announces new Kinect device for Xbox One

During a special press event today at the Redmond headquarters, Microsoft took to the stage to reveal the next generation gaming console named as Xbox One. Coupled with this announcement, Microsoft also revealed the all-new Kinect sensor which will come […]

Microsoft launches Nike+Kinect training in India

Microsoft has teamed up with Nike to launch Nike+Kinect training in India. Microsoft’s latest release for Kinect, “Nike + Kinect Training” helps you train using the training secrets of some of the worlds leading athletes. This revolutionary fitness game takes exercise […]

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection launched in India

Microsoft has finally launched Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection in India. The game is a combination of Kinect’s two bestselling games on Xbox 360: Kinect Sports and Kinect Sports: Season 2. The Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection includes all of the Kinect sports, including […]

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Microsoft Kinect helps turn walls into touchable surfaces with Kinash

Ever tried banging your head in to a wall? Or thumping your fist against it? The only reaction you must’ve received is of stars hovering over your head or an injured hand. Thanks to Microsoft and the technology behind Kinect, […]

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A see-through 3D desktop from the Microsoft Applied Science Group

Microsoft Kinect was and is a huge success. It has definitely changed the rules of the game while a user interacts with a computing device. Apart from capturing a place in the Guinness Book of World records, it also captured […]

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Kinect for Windows to launch in Feb 2012 : Retail Pricing, Availability

Microsoft Kinect has been a revolution of sorts since it was launched and continues to be. With NUI (Natural User Interface) tracking features like motion-control, gesture-tracking, voice recognition etc, Kinect has managed to bring the ‘reel’ action usually depicted in movies in to […]

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Microsoft launches the Kinect Accelerator program to help startups

Kinect entered the Guinness Book of World records in the very first month of its launch. And its been such a success story for Microsoft ever since. Taking this forward, Microsoft, in partnership with TechStars, recently announced the Kinect Accelerator program […]

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Kinect for Windows website is now live

Microsoft has launched the Kinect for Windows website. In fact it’s more than just a website – it really kick starts the journey for the Kinect for Windows commercial program that’s coming in early 2012. Whether you’re educating students, entertaining […]

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Xbox launches Avatar Kinect for cyber socializing

Microsoft Kinect Fun Labs today launched Avatar Kinect, a service which lets your personalized avatar interact with or hang out with up to 7 other friends in 24 virtual stages ranging from a late-night talk show set to outer space. Kinect […]

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Avatar Kinect to launch in July 2011

Ever fantasized yourself in the movie GAMER where the small kid interacts with his fellow gamers via his own avatar by speaking out to them, rotating his fingers etc. all while being seated comfortably in an orange sofa? Thanks to […]

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Kinect Fun Labs is LIVE now

Just a few days back Microsoft launched the Kinect Fun Labs. This service lets you scan yourself, create an Avatar, put your toys on screen and more!

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17 games to be released for XBox 360 Kinect 12 games at launch.

On November 4th, Microsoft will officially launch Kinect to the public with 12 games being available at launch followed by 5 more by the end of November. Preorders are quickly selling out as the much anticipated controller free device gets […]

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Microsoft’s Project Natal will be named Kinect

Microsofts Project Natal will be named as Kinect! Kinect or Project Natal is a “controller-free gaming and entertainment experience” by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game platform. UPDATE-2:  Microsoft today officially unveiled Kinect for Xbox 360, a controller-free gaming […]