Microsoft discontinues Kinect for Windows v2 Sensors

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced on Thursday, that, it would no longer produce the Kinect for Windows v2 sensors, since Kinect for Xbox One will do the needful. In a press release, the Kinect Windows Team claimed that the Kinect for Xbox One would be the hardware for users who want the capability on their PCs or Tablets as well. Kinect Windows Team claims that the Kinect Xbox One will improve the personal computing experience.

Kinect for Windows v2 Sensors

Kinect for Windows v2 Sensors

Developer community demand for Kinect

Kinetic Windows Team reported that the developer community for Kinect sensors had been demanding more of the components in the past few months. Meanwhile, the positive response to Kinect Xbox One sensor for Kinect for Windows app building had led to the decision to make available the Kinect for Xbox One sensors and Kinect Adapter for Windows kits to developers. These are available in all markets and at Microsoft Store the press release noted.

Kinect for Windows App

Kinect for Windows Team shared that the Kinetic Adapter enable the Kinect Xbox One sensor to be used for Windows version 8.0 and 8.1 PCs as well as tablets, cloning Windows v2 sensor. SDK 2.0 can be continued for the Windows v2 sensors as the function features are identical with that of the Kinetic for Xbox One.

Kinect for Windows Team reiterated that technical support for Windows v2 sensor would continue. Developers who have already deployed the Windows v2 sensor will continue to receive the support unchanged the notice claimed.

Microsoft has for long been driving further development of the Kinect platform not only for the Windows Operating System, but for the Xbox as well. Developers are offered the opportunity to develop apps which naturally interact with computers, especially with motion as the input. Therefore gestures, speech are being used by developers to develop vibrant as well as ‘innovative commercial experiences’ in a number of industries as well as healthcare, education, besides manufacturing and retail the Kinect Windows Team claimed.

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