Lenovo debacle makes buyers turn to Microsoft Signature Edition computers

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  1. Yes, Signature Ed gets more importance after this Superfish thing….
    Using a HP signature Ed device, no crapware that makes it faster too.

  2. “When you buy a new PC at Microsoft Store, we ensure there’s no third-party junkware or trialware installed”
    Sure, ok, but you’ll pay a premium price for it also.
    You know this could have happened and probably IS happening with most store bought pc’s that come pre bundled with crapware, only difference is Lenovo got caught. How many other PC makers are doing the same thing only using malware or adware that has not been identified yet?
    BTW, Your graphic above seems a little extreme, all my systems are “non” signature editions and I have yet to see any extreme cases as what you have depicted above. It’s a little ridiculous and over board.
    Guess MS is getting all you MVP’s to push “buying direct” like Apple does.
    Want a good malware / adware free pc? build it yourself and install the OS yourself, it’ll cost you less than any store bought or “signature” pc purchased through MS.

  3. The graphic is from Microsoft store where they are selling signature edition.
    But I agree that there are PC makers who install malware prior to selling computers. In an article, I mentioned how certain companies preinstall malware and even turn off Windows Update etc so that they can exploit the users.
    I also agree with the OS installation thing. I have always bought DOS laptops and clean installed operating systems so that I have only the applications I want. That is the best method.

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